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The American Bounty Hunter is a private citizen who has been authorized by a second private citizen bail bondsman or bail agent to detain and apprehend a third private citizen who has failed to meet the terms and conditions of his or her bail bond contractual agreement by failing to obey the orders of a court where a judge is hearing the criminal matter at issue.

California bounty hunters cannot legally serve warrants ordered by a judge on criminal matters, kick in doors absent very specific conditions, carry weapons absent very specific elements in place on every hunt, impersonate peace officers, give legal advice, appear in superior courts to argue bail motions, engage in the unauthorized practice of law by drafting bail bond motions, negotiate bail bonds, illegally detain and then kidnap people, extort bail money, and the list of potential felonies one can face by not knowing how to legally bounty hunt can go on and on absent proper bail and bounty hunting education.


BOUNTY HUNTER BONDSMAN PRE-LICENSING classes by Bailspeak are all based on real-time, cutting edge “boots on the ground” information and actionable methodologies and all of which is and has been “Approved” by the California Department of Insurance to advance towards becoming a bounty hunter and/or bail bondsman.


Moreover, there is no other bail education school in California where each instructor is and has been an active bail agency owner, bounty hunter, bail law and motion expert, and with decades of watching many folks go on to become successful in the California Bail Bond Industries’ many job opportunities.


Take a few moments and view these short videos that encapsulates not just the Bailspeak story but, more importantly, where your training comes from with every single block of Bailspeak instruction.


Thank you very kindly for your time ~ The Bailspeak Cadre and Logistical Support Staff.




The following goes to Bailspeak’s unique method of CDI Approved instruction supported by proven results and reproducible results based on timely and relevant real-time experience in California’s Superior Courts.


“I have just read the transcript of Rex's recent court appearance, and I found it to be a prime example of a Monday Bail Motion class at Bailspeak.


Not only is the content relevant with what is going on with the Courts and Laws today, it is a wonderful example of how consistent the Bailspeak instruction is - literally in bail.


I have watched Rex educate in regards to the appearance of bail agents in court, bail laws, motions and ethics. The transcript is yet another example of how what Rex teaches is what he practices time and time again both in his motion work and in open court.


I highlighted every single bail law, CA Code of Civil Procedure, CA Penal Code, etc and was amazed at how relevant and on point what is taught in class prepares bail agents and bounty hunters for real world motions and court proceedings.”


~ Bail Bond Company Owner and Bounty Hunter




“I have known and learned from Rex for years. I have watched Rex demonstrate how he argues motions in open California Superior Courts, and after reviewing a recent court transcript, none of what Rex shares in Bailspeak classes is exaggerated; it’s real!


This case I just reviewed, I had been waiting for the outcome! Rex and I discussed the particulars of the motions; I read his moving papers and was excited to see the outcome. My quick response to Rex, after he shared the transcript with me was EPIC. All of the points and laws that Rex used in his arguments are things covered on Bail Law and Motion Monday!!!”


~ Bail Bond Company Owner and Bounty Hunter




"Yesterday, I filed my first 1305(g) motion in Santa Clara County that I actually drafted myself. This was not an easy task for being the first one, but it was great experience. Hopefully it will be enough to get the company off their liability. I'm glad I took Bailspeak's motion class because it really helped me know what to do!!!!!

From pre-licensing to modern bounty hunting to street training to actively soliciting to getting cases to bounty hunting liability free to appearing in court on surrenders and motions to now drafting motions, it has been hard, but I owe all of my accomplishments to Bail Speak, Rex, Lion and all of the great advice and guidance from people on this forum!!!! Thank you for everyone's support and assistance."


~ Bailspeak Alumnus




"I would like anyone reading this to know one thing. Rex knows this business! I've had the distinct pleasure of apprenticing with, and working side by side with Rex. I can definitely say from firsthand experience that when it comes to working all aspects of a bail recovery case Rex's knowledge is unparalleled, especially when it comes to the legal aspects of avoiding liability. When it comes to being tactical in the field, well let's just say that I wouldn't hesitate to clear a house with Rex as my partner.

With the knowledge I gained through working with Rex I was able to land a position as a full time bail investigator with a major bail agency here in California. If it hadn't been for my association with Rex I wouldn't have had the success I've had so far in the fugitive recovery business. In just four months I've successfully closed out over 50 cases and I've saved my company over a half million dollars in liability. So far, not one of my cases has gone into summary judgment, and I've kept myself free from liability as well, and that all comes from the basics that I learned about this business while working cases with Rex.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are visiting Rex's website and reading this now, then you obviously have an interest in the fugitive recovery business, and if that's the case then all I can say Rex's products! They'll be a virtual goldmine for you!”

Thanks Rex!"

Sam James

“The instructors were very knowledgeable, helpful & professional.  [I liked the] handout literature.  Excellent course!”


“[I liked the] bail motion information.”


“[I liked the] direct knowledge of the instructors and samples supporting topics.  Instructors are very knowledgeable.”


“[I liked] the bail motion and bounty hunting literature.”


“[I liked] the way topics were presented.  The current regulations and changes in bail law.  [This was] a very cool and informational course.  Taught me that personally I need to keep much more up to date with changing laws and information.”


“[I liked the] real life scenarios and lectures.  [The course was] lots of fund though very intense!”


“Great job!  [I liked] all the information! Enjoyed the class!”


“[I liked that class had] a lot of good information on topics that need to be focused on by more than one profession.  I want to work with Rex in the near future.  I want to be an instructor!”


“Great!  I would like to take the entire class again in the future!”


“[I liked that the class was] very informative.  Instructor has a good sense of humor and made days go by fast.”


“Don’t change a thing (other than, of course, keeping everyone up to date as you already do!)  [I liked that] the information was complex but delivered in a fun and easy to understand way.  Thank you!  I wish I could come here all the time.”


“[I like the] stories from instructor’s experience.  [The class was] easy to understand.  It would be great if payment for the course included the hotel stay.”


“[I liked that] being completely new at this I leave with the knowledge that this is doable if careful care is taken.  The course has a large amount of information that was difficult to ingest and will study hard to learn the material.”

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“It was difficult for me as I didn’t know what to expect.  By the 3rd day of class, it was very informative and I had a blast learning from Rex.  Thank you!  [I liked] All the lectures and stories how Rex kept us involved and interested all day.  Thank you for everything.  It was awesome!”


“[I liked] the presentation, material covered, instructor’s way of approaching material, and student participation.  Wish it were longer than 3 days!”


“The information was mostly personal experiences of the instructor.  He explained subjects thoroughly.  This motivated me to learn more about the Bail field. Thank you.”


“[I liked] everthing!  From Day 1 to Day 3 the instructor was on point!  There is nothing I didn’t like!  Everything was great!  I really enjoyed the class.  The instructor knows how to teach and what to teach!”


“[I liked] that I learned more about bail.  Rex is an excellent instructor.”


CALIFORNIA 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing is a Mandatory certification to become a Bail “bondsman” Agent and/or to Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California with very few exceptions regarding lawful fugitive recovery.


This California Department of Insurance Approved course exceeds California Bail Education requirements and continuously resets industry standards to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter with bail certification instruction by veteran bail bonds business owners and active bounty hunters with over two decades of running profitable bail industry companies.


Bailspeak is the only bail education provider with California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Instructors who legally operate bail bond agencies, bounty hunt, appear on bail bond motions, and travel all over California bringing up to the minute live instruction to students.


This bail training school course covers the most important aspects of the bail bonds business such as bail bond law and motion, Lawful bail accounts receivable, Lawful bail business operations within the meaning of Insurance and Title 10 Code sections and other timely and relevant bail and bounty hunting topics as follows:


·         Includes Lawful Bounty Hunting Seminar Instruction

·         Includes Bail Enforcement Legal Authorities Training

·         Bail Manual and Dozens of Industry Related Docs Included

·         Concentrates on Personal Attention with Small Class Sizes

·         Is the Fastest Growing Bail Education School in California

·         Is the Most Transparent Bail School in California

·         Is the Most Trusted Bail School in California

·         Is the most studied Bail School model in the Nation

·         Bailspeak Alumni Report 98.5% First Time State Bail Exam Pass Rate

·         Advanced Bail Contract Law Studies – Critical Information

·         Advanced Bail Law & Motion Studies – Student’s Favorite

·         Only statewide Bail School instructed by bail agency owners

·         Only statewide Bail School directed by a bail agency owner!

·         Only statewide Bail School instructed by active bounty hunters

·         Only Bail School with real-time instruction from the CDI, jails, streets and courts

·         Only Bail School that posts class photos for Consumer Protection

·         Only Bail School with over 150 videos viewed over 1,000,000 times

·         Alumni from numerous states and internationally

·         Sun & Mon count for up to 12 hours of Continuing Bail Education!


Please Register and book lodging, if lodging is necessary, at the applicable Hotel sooner rather than later if interested.  Bailspeak classes are held at very small venue by design in the spirit of personal attention, for the best interests of the students attending.

“The knowledge and experience of Rex and his ability to convey the message in a clear understandable manner...”


“Teach someone everything you know to be your successor.  You and your knowledge are important to the industry.”


“Great class.  Kept me focused on all (3) days, great material, great handouts...”


“Instructors kept students focused.  Great interaction, scenarios, questions all on topic, handouts a plus, coffee, pastries, a plus!  Test, quizzes great...very knowledgeable on material...”


“Instructors years of experience interesting topics and formation regarding bail bond business...lots of knowledge and experience...”


“Rex is a dynamic speaker and advocate of the bail industry.  His knowledge and presentation has the full appearance of being current and true.”


“Goes really fast but is very informative and thorough.”


“Very, very informative.  Rex was an awesome instructor.”


“[Rex] did a great job.  Appreciated his enthusiasm.”


“Loads of information...great job Rex.  Thank you.”