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This is the ONLY California Bail and Bounty Hunting Pre-Licensing Course that is Instructed by Real Bail Bond Company Owners, Active Bounty Hunters, and Bail Law and Motion Experts.



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Rex Venator’s Unconventional Brand of Fugitive Recovery


Pursuant to California Penal Code

Beginning with Section 1305


Rex has himself demonstrated to numerous bail bonds companies, surety corporations, and his bounty hunting trainees how he has caused 100% of the bail bond forfeitures he's undertaken to be set aside in open court since 2000.


Rex conceptualized and put into action his "Triple Attack" theory, explained in his book "Desktop Bounty Hunter," whereby, as an agent for multiple sureties, he has simultaneously tracked bail fugitives and while negotiating bail bond motions that were designed to create new causes of actions that ultimately led to bizarre exonerations.


In point of fact, Rex's Brand of bounty hunting has been highly sought after in terms of learning the mechanical workings of his bail enforcement operations, the theories to his bail bond motions, and all of which are drawing larger and larger numbers to California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education classes that he himself created from Street Proven methodologies.


A Working Knowledge of the Bail Motion Process is Critical!


A major part of running a bail bond company is, quite frankly, your active willingness and effort to have a working knowledge of how to draft, appear and then stand up in a California Superior Court, fully prepared, to make an oral argument, counter written and oral opposition from government lawyers, and then convince a court that granting your moving papers is the correct action that will also keep your company solvent.


Bailspeak CDI Approved Bail Law and Motion Bail Agent Pre Licensing and Continuing Educational Samples of real motions, petitions (that actually worked in court as argued by Rex) to exonerate forfeited bonds and much more information critical to Advanced Bounty Hunting by Fugitive Recovery Agents, Bounty Hunting Bail Agency Owners, and in house Bail Enforcement Agents.


Extra Subjects Covered:


·         Bail Motion to Release Confidential Government Records

·         PC 1305(a)(5) Bail Motion to Vacate Forfeiture and Exonerate Bail Bond

·         Contract Law Based Motion to Exonerate Bail Bond

·         PC 1305 (d)(1) & (2) Motion to Exonerate Bail Bond Forfeiture

·         PC 1305 (b)(1) Bail Motion to Exonerate Bail Bond

·         PC 1305.4 Bail Motion to Extend Time

·         PC 1305 (c)(2) Bail Motion to Exonerate Bond

·         PC 1305(c)(3) Motion to Exonerate Forfeited Bail Bond

·         PC 1305(c)(4) Bail Motion to Exonerate Bond

·         PC 847.5 Bail Petition

·         Bail Motion Proof of Personal Service

·         2 Replies to Bail Motion Opposition to Discharge Forfeiture and Exonerate Bond

There is No Other Fugitive Recovery Training School

Capable of Offering this Exclusive Brand of

Fugitive Recovery Agent Course Contents


20 hours of insurance pre-licensing is required to obtain a license to transact bail as a bail agent in California, and this same exact course is also a critical requirement to legally act a bail fugitive recovery agent for a bail bond company and to do all of which within the scope and meaning of many complex and sometimes conflicting laws.


The responsibility of providing the best possible bail education training is taken very seriously, and every effort to produce the most informed bail agents and bounty hunters in the California Bail Bond Industry is considered an honor to the extent that every Bailspeak Certificate awarded is undeniably earned.


Bailspeak’s bail agent pre licensing course is, arguably, the Number 1 Choice of professionals in the California Bail Bonds Industry tasked with recruiting new hires to fill bail jobs in such areas as posting bail bonds, bounty hunting, and numerous ministerial positions common to bail.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail School now in its seventh year of operation.


Bailspeak Leads the Way in Fugitive Recovery Certification Classes in:

Sacramento - Roseville - Modesto - San Jose - Los Angeles - Riverside - San Diego.

What are Bailspeak's Real Alumni Going on the Record to Share about this California Fugitive Recovery Agent Training School?

“Great Class!  Everything!  Mostly law & PC.  Everything was perfect.  Thanks Rex!  I learned a lot!”


“Penal codes!  He [Rex] was very knowledgeable.”


“All of the stories and insight.  Great job!!  So much more to this industry than answering phones and signing paperwork.”


“All around I liked everything.  It was very pleasant to listen to my instructor Rex speak and appreciate his time and knowledge.  And how he explains everything to me.”


“The course was fun and opened my eyes to how the industry really works.  Nothing like TV!”


“Scenarios given to groups to work out.  The material was up to date and relevant.  Instructor engaged the class, information was not solely focused on one area.”


“Great instructor, supersedes all previous training I have taken in the past.  The way he chose to teach.  He didn’t just read the books and codes, but used good examples and interacted well.”


“The upbeat vibe, and the manner in which material was presented.”


“Instructor was very knowledgeable.  Everything was good!”

“Personal stories!”


“Not what I expected!  Impressed with material even after I previously researched instructor and school.  Money well spent.  Stories to backup codes and court presentation.”


“The method of how it was taught.  Thank you for all info including non course required info!”


“Instructor was energetic and engaging.  Rex was great.  Knows what he is teaching and very confident with his teaching style.”


“That Rex had a good way of explaining subjects.  Kept class active.”


“Everything was new to me and the examples and real life stories.  Great class!”


“Good pace, instructor personable and caring.  Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.”


“Examples of experience to explain point of law.”


“I learned a lot about law and it taught me a lot of things in 3 days.”


“Coming in with absolutely no knowledge on bail or bounty hunting – all information was great.  Great course!”


“Exciting, peaks a lot of interest from a business mindset to gaining knowledge about law.  I liked everything.  It would be an honor to be under Rex’s wing as I learn and work in the field, like a Mentor.”


“Course is made to get everyone to pass the test.  Very knowledgeable instructor.”

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“I will begin work as an investigator (bounty hunter) and just wanted you to know that my journey began with Bailspeak and how your class changed my life and set me on a course that is going to be amazing.” 


~ Bailspeak Alumnus, January 20, 2016 via Email


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