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Public and Privately Ordered Bail Pre Licensing Classes in:

Long Beach, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Torrance West Covina


California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education


CDI Provider Numbers 172113 & 172114


Bail Agent Pre-Licensing and Penal Code 1299 Bail Fugitive Recovery Person Certification in the Same Exact Time Period with up to 18 Hours of Continuing Bail Education!


It will not be possible to find this absolute State-of-the-Art Brand of Bail Education that is actively sought out as far away as Great Britain, the East Coast, the Midwest, and from all California Counties.


This City of Angels Bail School holds Bail Classes near Los Angeles County Cities and Towns.



Los Angeles’ premier bail bonds and bounty hunting school, Bailspeak, is directed by Los Angeles’ only bail education instructor who has a verifiable and longtime history of lawfully running bail bond agencies that were, are and continue to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance; moreover, since Bailspeak’s Director is a veteran bail agent, Bailspeak’s bail bond motion continuing bail education, which is a part of approved and independently different bail CE classes for six, twelve or eighteen hours, is based on years of lawfully running a bail bonds agency, bounty hunting, and appearing in open court on moving papers that were drafted and motions won by Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor, Rex.


To date, nearly 4,000 people have been personally certified by Rex, and an untold number Bailspeak Alumni are now working as bail bond company owners, posting bail agents, bounty hunting team members, bounty hunting team leaders, and many more are enjoying gainful employment in the California Bail Bonds Industry as clerical staff.


Bailspeak is currently offering the following Bounty Hunter classes:


·         CDI Approved, 20 Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

·         CDI Approved Continuing Bail Education

·         TASER Tactical Awareness Courses for Bounty Hunters

·         Advanced Bail Bond Motion Bounty Hunting

·         Basic Contract Law Studies

·         Civil Code of Procedures

·         Bounty Hunter Street Training for Bailspeak Alumni


Bailspeak also offers:


·         Bail Bond Marketing and SEO Services

·         Bounty Hunter Marketing Online Classes

·         California Bounty Hunting Services



Retired and Ex-Cops are ideally Suited to

Lateral over into either Bounty Hunting or Bail Bond Jobs


“I cashed out my retirements after 13-years with the city, and now I make more in a month posting bail bonds than the check I left my cop job with.”


~ Former Police Officer and Bail Agency Owner

Jobs for ex cops who worked as city police officers, deputy sheriffs, and federal agents where prior law enforcement report gross earnings ranging from a few hundred to over $20,000.00 a month; indeed, one former police officer reported gross monthly income in excess of what he received after cashing out his retirement; how much you earn is wholly contingent on how hard you are willing to work in conjunction with small business talent and a bit of luck.


There is life after law enforcement—there is a new life with unheard of freedom and earning potential and even adventure.


Leave your home office and return with hundreds or thousands of dollars in cash, check or credit card in 90-minutes versus a full month of clocking in and out; stand up in open court and argue against lawyers but not be a lawyer yourself; travel, meet interesting people and arrest them!


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance “Approved” Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunting Training School with hundreds of Alumni success stories and a reputation beyond reproach.


Yes.  There are economic opportunities for prior enforcement to live life free from the restraints of retirement, medical release and even termination!

“The teacher answered all questions to the best of his knowledge & gave examples.”


“Amazing, powerful information to help me passing the state exam.  Everything!”


“Pace of the class was great!  Great content, lots of real life examples given to support the material and subjects we will be tested on.  Examples & cases cited to explain in detail the test material.  Instructor has great experience and is a good instructor.  Great course.  Lucky for me to have as an agent.  Feel well prepared and thanks for testing and encouraging writing motions.  Very great niche!!”


“The understanding of Civil Code of Procedures & Penal Codes which can help you in your career or job and of money made.  Very knowledgeable.”


“Very informational.  Instructor knew what he is talking about.  Keep it up!”


“Well informative and very knowledgeable.  Was very thorough and activity got us involved in the topics.”




“Learning Civil Code of Procedures.”


“Interactive learning.  Very knowledgeable & entertaining.”


“It wasn’t boring, it keeps you interested.”

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The following video includes subject matter that is only intended to be considered as a Quick Startup Guide on what you should question and research when deciding if wearing body armor is right for you.


DO NOT wear body armor containing or made with Zylon!!!


Wearing body armor has been reported to increase the survival chances of those involved in serious vehicular accidents and collisions with wild animals.


The decision to engage any in activity that may necessitate the need for one to wear body armor should be taken very seriously because we are talking about wearing something that is supposed to stop bullets from entering the parts of your body covered by the body armor.

·         Body armor should not be considered bullet proof; body armor should be considered bullet resistant, and special body armor is needed for stab protection from threats such as sharp knives or ice picks.

·         Never, ever, purchase second-hand, used body armor.

·         Never, ever, purchase body armor from anonymous Internet sources, non specialized online stores, or other decidedly creepy places.

·         Never barrow your buddy’s body armor who can’t tell you where his loaners vest came from.

The Pros and Cons to Tactical Vests

1.      There are all kinds of methodologies to bounty hunting, and not all investigations are handled the same way due to the fact that no two bail jumper cases are identical.

2.      Going through a door after a wanted felony fugitive looking at 25 to life is not a good idea, but sometimes we go through doors and stumble upon such persons.

3.      Low profile investigations aren’t really low profile if one looks like a SWAT operator.

4.      Concealable body armor is my person choice.  I can wear it in low profile mode and under a tactical vest if the investigation calls for it.

5.      Lastly, if a bad guy decides to take you out, will he target your tactical vest or your face?

These are some considerations for your choices on body armor.

Body armor comes in all kinds of different levels and configurations, but we’re going to stick strictly to bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.

·         Make sure you yourself can legally possess body armor.

·         Employ no less than Level IIIA Kevlar panels in your vest, which offers a bit more blunt force protection and is also rated to defeat more of the uncommon rounds such as .44 Magnum hollow points and 9mm sub-machine gun rounds BUT not rifle rounds.

·         Make sure you can move around in your vest choice.  It shouldn’t be too restrictive if possible.

·         Confirm your choice meets the National Institute of Justice ballistic standard of no more (01.01.04) than 1.7” or 44 mm of blunt force indentation trauma, which can kill if a dent caused by a bullet impact is too deep even if the bullet does not pass through the ballistic panel in question.

·         Your vest should be a full wrap around; don’t leave your sides exposed.

·         Get professionally fitted in-person by a manufacturer’s authorized dealer if possible, or take the extra time to contact a reputable source such as the www.realbountyhunting.com bail enforcement equipment supply store.

·         Six to eight weeks later...you’ll get your body armor.


Manufacturers of body armor products generally recommend changing out your body armor every five years, as Kevlar is believed to degrade and be less likely to defeat bullets with prolonged exposure to body sweat, extremes in cold and heat, and from just general wear.



·         Your vest can’t stop bullets if you don’t wear it.

·         Store your vest flat at room temperature when you’re not wearing it.

·         Do not leave your vest in a vehicle full-time.

·         Keep track of how old your vest is; is it time to replace it?

·         Don’t loan out your used vests to your buddies or anyone else if it is older than 5 years old, been sitting in a trunk for weeks, months or years, or if you picked it up at a gun show, Ebay, or anywhere else but in-person such as a police supply store.


It is my sincere hope that this short Bailspeak Bail Training School video has given you some direction on your research for how to purchase body armor.


Get professionally sized and order your bounty hunter body armor at any Live Bailspeak 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre Licensing Event, which are routinely held in Roseville, Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Diego County—Coming Very Soon to a bail school class near you.


Please Note: a background check is required for body armor purchases.

Copyright 1992 - 2016 Bailspeak, All Rights Reserved

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REAL Student Quotes for this Los Angeles County Bail Education Pre Licensing School that Do Not Mysteriously change over time


“Presentation was clear, direct & lined up with what was advertised.  This class was recommended by several bail agents and it was everything that was mentioned. Very good.”


“Discussion and examples of the course material.  Everything was good!”


“The instructor was willing to answer all questions even on breaks and lunches.  I liked the entire seminar.  Thanks for all your help Rex.”


“I liked how interactive it was and the fact that Rex was animated and made the course fun.  I am very happy to have taken this course and look forward to working in bail.  Thank you to Rex for being such an amazing teacher and keeping it fun.”


“Not boring and I wasn’t sleepy.”


“The instructor was very knowledgeable and up to date.”


“I like how Rex gave examples about personal experiences which help understand each topic.  Course was great.  Very good and knowledgeable instructor.”


“Great Class! If it could be longer, I enjoyed learning from you.  The interaction and the multitude of ways in which the material was taught.”


“The interaction of personal stories as examples and the summarization of P.C. Keep up the great work.  Bad ass class!”


“Stories and examples shared with students.  CE participants also were valuable to have in the class given their personal experiences.”

Bail_Enforcement_Training_Los_Angeles.jpgLos_Angeles_Bail_Enforcement_Agent_Training_ca.jpgCalifornia Bail Enforement Agent Training Los Angeles Glendale SchoolsFugitive_Bail_Enforcement_Training_California.jpg

Fugitive Recovery Training in California should consist of education in the legal authorities to bounty hunt as a Penal Code 1299 Compliant bail enforcement agent, but, also, one should take care to fully investigate a course for what is commonly known as a career ladder insofar that one has the option to eventually start his or her own bail bonds company.

This is the Only Los Angeles County Fugitive Recovery Agent Training School that is instructed by a 25 Plus Year Bounty Hunter and 19 Plus Year Licensed Bail Bond Agency Owner and with nearly 4,000 Live Bail Class CDI Approved Certificates issued to Bailspeak Alumni Statewide ~ Bar None!

Moreover, if one is serious about becoming a fugitive recovery agent with a future in developing and maturing into a bail bonds business owner then it only stands to reasons that one’s initial bail training be instructed by a verifiably long-time bounty hunter and bail bond company owner who is and has been licensed by the California Department of Insurance as a bail agent for nearly 20 years.


At the time of this writing, Bailspeak’s primary instructor is the only known California Bail Education Instructor with an extensive background as a legally operating bounty hunter of 23 plus years, licensed bail agency owner, legally authorized agent for sureties regarding nearly 500 granted bail bond motions lawfully filed and heard in open superior courts in numerous counties, and as a bail agent pre licensing and continuing education instructor now approaching eight consecutive years of service with nearly 4,000 actual live class Alumni and many of which have been and are now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider since 2007 and with roots going back to 1996 as the Critical Response Training Academy based out of Tracy, California.


Available for Will-Call Delivery at any Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre Licensing Training Course

Bounty Hunters and Bail Agents have, in point of fact, been injured, maimed and murdered while making or attempting to apprehend wanted felony fugitive bail jumpers; accordingly, this online Bounty Hunting Pro Store has been redesigned and value engineered to offer specialized supplies, gear, and other types of equipment that are high-end, top of the line, and with little to no profit margins for the store itself.

Glendale - Torrance - Santa Ana

“Awesome!! This class had me totally prepared to pass the bail exam as well as having some real life tips on etiquette, image, and safety in bounty hunting as well as writing bonds.


Rex has a vast knowledge of both the business and the laws. He makes the information easy and enjoyable to learn.


I will always use Bailspeak to refer other people and do my continuing education. You can trust your getting what you pay for and more here!”

“It was very informative.  I found it inspiring and learned a lot of new things.”


“Excellent insight regarding topics.  It was extremely interesting with details and stories. You ROCK Rex!”


“Good, relative stories.  Excellent, comprehensive handouts.  Good job!”


“Great examples!  Everything was explained well, life experiences for each lesson was great!”


“The idea that he not only had personal stories but stories from other bail agents and bounty hunters.  Very well educated and wants us to all be the same!”


“The energy of the instructor, the info about what happens if a defendant fails to appear, the topic of techs.”


“Kept me interested and didn’t put me to sleep!  Liked all the personal experience shared.”


“I feel ready to take the test and pass!”


“The speaker was humorous and had many interesting/funny stories to tell. Thank you Instructor Rex for your instruction.”


“I liked the material that was taught!  It’s incredible how much knowledge the instructor has obtained throughout his career!”


“I like the book and handouts with all the information.  I wish we had more time to go over more stuff with Rex!  Very funny and cool!”


“Liked all of it.  I have a way better understanding of bail and the bail industry.  Fast paced, everything was great!”


“Rex makes it fun, even though it’s a lot of stuff and laws, etc.  He really does a great job!  Excellent!”


“The real life stories Rex shared all applied to a class topic.  Thank you!”