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This California Department of Insurance “Approved” Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting School’s staff field and average of 850 incoming calls weekly, and its Cadre call back about 60 people weekly on topics spanning a fairly miraculous number of bail enforcement and bail bond licensing subjects.

One area that is ever persistent is that of, plainly stated, allegations from random callers alleging and providing information on “Fake bounty hunting schools” and the suspected rascals involved.


So how does one determine if a bail bond and/or bounty hunting school is real?

Based on anecdotal evidence from countless telephone calls, cellular phone calls, emails, letters, and just plain ole Rumor Control, the following is a short list of Major Red Flags for those wishing to seek training, education or certification towards entering into the bail bond trades:


·         Requirement to Join a Mysterious “Network” for Money

·         Requirement to Pay Annual “Network” Fees

·         Implication or Direct Promise of Job Placement

·         Implication or Direct Promise to become a Bounty Hunting Team Member

·         A Nameless or Faceless or New Website

·         Instructor requires female students to “share a motel room as part of the training”

·         A Promise to “Serve Warrants” while Bounty Hunting

·         Implication or Promise of Expensive Equipment included with Cost of Course

·         Implication or Promise to be licensed by Unknown Government Agency

·         Issuing a government bounty hunting "License"

·         Promise or Implication to be “Licensed in all 50 States”


The list of things that people have shared with me is astounding and here are some facts to consider:


·         There is not and never has been a so-called “Network” of bounty hunters.

·         Why pay for something that does not exist?

·         There is no way a school can place hundreds of people in jobs in this economy!

·         Bounty Hunting Teams are not made up of hundreds of people.

·         New websites with nothing but a place to pay money are an obvious problem.

·         Do not agree to be "trained in a motel room" with a bed!

·         Private Citizens do not run around “serving warrants.”

·         Private Citizens do not privately issue government licenses.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 4,000 certified students in just under nine years of continuous service as a CDI Provider but also with a bounty hunter street training history going back to 1994.


The above video is a great way to start researching bail related schools, and here’s why: a real bail school will not be nameless or faceless; a real bail school will have a documented pedigree viewable by the public; a real bail school will have a publically available video record of its work going back not weeks or months but decades; a real bail school will openly display class photos for Consumer Protection; this bail school is the most transparent, most trusted, and pioneered the art of presenting evidence of its long history of bail education for decades; moreover, no other bail school in the United States has done what this bail school does in the best interests of folks looking into the California Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting Industries.

Real Student Quotes about This Bail Training School’s Classroom Portion of the Bounty Hunting Training Program as Written by the Students


“Instructor is very knowledgeable.  Very interactive.  Great course!”


“I learned a lot about law, very informative.  I think it was great and so was the instructor!”


“ Depth of information not typical of most courses.  Good, lively atmosphere, engaged learning.”


“Everything was very helpful and Rex kept it interesting.”


“Good instructor.  Instructor experience.”


“Very professional and knowledgeable.  I loved how it was related to actual events that pertained to real life.  I don’t have any dislikes!  Very professional.”


“Lectures and handouts!”


“How Rex brought in real life situations to the codes.  Thank you for bringing light on all codes.  I was lost, Rex found me.”


“Kept me awake.”


“So much good info!  See you next time!”


“Learned a lot.”

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