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Riverside Classes in Fugitive Recovery Training for those Interested in Learning the Bounty Hunting Arts for the

 purposes of studying Real-Life Bail Enforcement


This well established, 20-Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing School is Now Offering the All New Inland Empire bail agent prerequisite certification to become a licensed bail bondsman and in conjunction with the state required Penal Code 1299 Certification Course held throughout California and that is mandatory for those who wish to enter into the California Bounty Hunting and Bail Bonds Industry.


Bailspeak courses are instructed by the only California Bail Education Instructor who has a long and verifiable history of legally running a profitable bail agency, bounty hunting company, and legally drafting and appearing in court on bail bond motions in the California Superior Courts throughout the State.


Fugitive Recovery Training or Bounty Hunter Schools are each a common set of keywords used by those conducting Internet searches and who are wishing to delve into the art of Bail Fugitive Recovery as a Bail Enforcement Agent.


One must take care to fully research any and all purporting to be affiliated with or teaching or otherwise running what is commonly called a Bounty Hunter School.


There are immediate “Red Flag” declarative statements, generally in writing but sometimes orally (if the listed phone number is actually answered) made, that should serve as cautionary axioms that fire up synapses between a person’s neurons with emphasis in the realm of strong warnings such as follows:


·         Be Certified to Bounty hunt in all 50 states—Legally Impossible!

·         Earn up to X amount of dollars yearly—Impossible to Individually Calculate!

·         Job Placement Available—Bail Simply Doesn’t work in this way!

·         Earn Your Bounty Hunting Degree—Un-accredited “degrees” may cost $60K!

·         Earn Your Degree Online—Costly and Unproven Effectiveness!

·         Join a “Network” for X amount—There is no known So-called “Network”

·         Criminal Justice Degree needed—See above “Red Flags”


So how does one become a bounty hunter?


1.      Research the laws of the state where you intend to bounty hunt in, if it is legal in your state at all, and seek out training and education in that precise state!  There is no known program that can train you in all of the states where there is commercial bail.


2.      Bounty Hunting is a Trade, like that of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or machinist to the extent that one should strive to become an apprentice under a veteran bounty hunter who bounty hunts legally.


3.      There are many ways to become a bounty hunter, and the Red Flags noted above should be thoroughly investigated for veracity, legality, and reputation.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with nearly 4,000 Alumni and many of whom are now working in the bail bonds industry; indeed, top bail bond and bounty hunting recruiters routinely contact Bailspeak when hiring!


Are you an experienced bail bond company owner or bounty hunter or both?  See a proven, winning small business model designed to get your bail bonds and bounty hunter training school up and running at the by way of as a comparator.


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“The level of comfort in being able to voice my questions and opinions.  I liked everything!  Very informative.  The instructor’s life experiences and examples helped my understanding of what was being taught.”


“The presentation and how it wasn’t just straight out the book.  (Real Life!)”


“He’s a great teacher!  How he can prove everything with a true story.”


“Very informative, liked the class size.  Made it more personable.  Great job!  Enjoyed the course!”


“Great material and info!  Great job!”


“Rex is awesome.  Very informative, great instructor.  Rex was very informative and a really good guy.”


“Learned tons. Rex seems more like a lawyer than a bounty hunter.”


“Knowledge (Rex) and shared direct experience.  Knowledge and experience and excellent communication.  Great learning environment.”



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“It only Takes Once”

Opinion Editorial

By Rex Venator


Every person who has any history of bounty hunting knows that it is inescapably common to find one’s self drafting a conclusory affidavit with no underlying facts to support the assumed facts, or what is more commonly known as a “declaration,” and, generally, they are in support of motions to extend time or exoneration and may have exhibits holding evidentiary value and therefore are, verily, declarations.


Since Penal Code §1299.01(d) defines a “Bail Fugitive Recovery Person,” and Penal Code §1299.04 collectively lists educational requirements and exemptions followed by Penal Code §1299.12 criminal fines and penalties, what would happen if a non-compliant person swears—under the penalty of perjury—that he or she was bounty hunting in 2013?


Is it reasonable to conclude that one would be providing a “confession,” or that one’s client could be faced with a Summary Judgment because a declaration based on unlawful bounty hunting was rightfully rejected by a governmental agency and court that cannot tacitly authorize illegal bounty hunting?


What if one’s declaration was being investigated for veracity?  What could happen if it was found that material false statements were filed with a court?  What charges could arise from such an act?


One may “get away with it” 100 times, but it only takes once for one’s whole world to come crashing down.


This Riverside Fugitive Recovery School is

Designed to KeepYou out of

Civil Court, Criminal Court, an

Emergency Room and

a county morgue!

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What does it take to become a bounty hunter?  While the below video has been posted before, it appeared on Facebook many, many Bailspeak Alumni ago, so, for Bailspeak Alumni who may not have viewed this particular subject matter, imagine apex hunters relentlessly pursuing a bounty to the extent that the bail jumper is never allowed to rest, to stop looking over his or her shoulders, and certainly not allowed to sleep if any of which is at all possible—that is what it takes to be a bounty hunter.


The bail jumper profiled in the video and caught on Taser Cam rented the room, we entered after no surveillance, less than 72-hours earlier and in a distant county; moreover, he was wholly stunned that he was, well, not allowed to sleep without first becoming a guest of his sheriff.


Bailspeak 2015 – 2016 is going to rock! 


“[I liked] instruction and lots of good info.  Pleased he shared real experiences.”


“[I liked] learning important information.  I recommend it to other people.”


“[I liked] the information and the hand outs and of course, the coffee.  Thank you for conducting the course.  It will keep me away from the green book.”


“I liked the different scenarios that were explained in order to learn more and not repeat mistakes.  I would like to thank Mr. Rex for the interesting new information that I learned this weekend.”


“It opened my eyes to all the different aspects of the bail industry.”


“Instructor is very efficient & informative.  Productive course, opposite of what I was initially informed.”


“Good information.  Mr. Rex did an excellent job teaching.”


“Enjoyed the class, and sharpened up my knowledge about bail & bounty hunters!  The way Rex explained things always providing a scenario to go with the subject.  Makes learning a lot easier.  Thank you for taking the time out to come and teach us.  Enjoyed the Class!”