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Sacramento Fugitive Recovery Agent Training Classes

The Premier Bail Fugitive Recovery School

Only BEA Class Instructed by Licensed Bail Company Owners!

The Number 1 Choice of Bail Bond Recruiters for the Major Bail Bond Agencies and Corporations in California that are seeking Bail Agent New Hires!

Easy Drive from Roseville, Rio Linda, Elk Grove, and Stockton

This Sacramento Fugitive Recovery Course is a

California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education

Provider - CDI Provider Numbers 172113 & 172114


·         Bail Agent Pre-Licensing and Penal Code 1299 Bail Fugitive Recovery Person Certification in the Same Exact Time Period with up to 18 Hours of Continuing Bail Education!

·         It will not be possible to find this absolute State-of-the-Art Brand of Bail Education that is actively sought out as far away as Great Britain, the East Coast, the Midwest, and from all California Counties.

·         This Capital City Bail School is an Easy Drive from Roseville, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Rio Linda, Woodland, Rocklin and from other surrounding Gold Country towns and cities.

Sacramento’s premier Roseville bail bonds and bounty hunting school, Bailspeak, is directed by Sacramento’s only bail education instructor who has a verifiable and longtime history of lawfully running bail bond agencies that were, are and continue to be licensed by the California Department of Insurance; moreover, since Bailspeak’s Director is a veteran bail agent, Bailspeak’s bail bond motion continuing bail education, which is approved independently for six, twelve or eighteen hours of separate bail CE, is based on years of lawfully running a bail bonds agency, bounty hunting, and appearing in open court on moving papers that were drafted and motions won by Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor, Rex.


To date, nearly 4,000 people have been personally certified by Rex, and an untold number Bailspeak Alumni are now working as bail bond company owners, posting bail agents, bounty hunting team members, bounty hunting team leaders, and many more are enjoying gainful employment in the California Bail Bonds Industry as clerical staff.


Bailspeak is currently offering the following bail school classes:


·         CDI Approved, 20 Bail Agent Pre-Licensing

·         CDI Approved Continuing Bail Education

·         TASER Awareness Course for Bounty Hunters

·         Advanced Bail Bond Motion Bounty Hunting

·         Bounty Hunter Street Training for Bailspeak Alumni


Bailspeak also offers:


·         Bail Bond Marketing and SEO Services

·         Bounty Hunter Marketing Online Classes

·         California Bounty Hunting Services


Bailspeak is Sacramento’s Most Trusted Name in Bail Education, According to its hundreds upon hundreds of Alumni!

“Rex is very knowledgeable.  I am happy I chose Bailspeak.  I liked the in depth detail about all PC and situations.  Rex took time to answer individual questions.  See you for CE within 2 years!”


“Amazing the amount of knowledge and information Rex has.  Rex explains the dos and don’ts, but also tells real world scenarios.  Very informative and ensures everyone understands.  Thanks Rex.  I know I’ve learned from the best in the business – hands down.”


“Very informational.  Rex was easy to follow and understand and showed integrity the whole class.  I liked that Rex referred to actual instances.  Nice to get 100% honesty!”


“Rex keeps us tracking.  Very informative!”


“The handouts made the course easier, its make sure you know the truth.  I liked everything.  The instructor makes this course so much easier.”


“I learned a lot.”


“Learned a lot of useful information and it got me really pumped for moving forward in the bail industry.  Everything was new and fun to learn.  Looked forward to coming and getting to know new things.  Some things were pretty hard, but the instructor helped us understand.  Rex is a great instructor.  Couldn’t ask for a better instructor.”


Fugitive Recovery Training in the Sacramento Roseville area for the purposes of practicing the bounty hunting arts within the statutory legal limits of a bail enforcement agent pursuant to California Penal Code Sections beginning with but not limited to 1300 and through 1299 is also inclusive of advanced training with classes in whether or not attacking a bail forfeiture via a bail bond motion is the most cost effective and appropriate course of action and all of which is designed to avoid civil court, criminal court, and the morgue—Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with classes held from Sacramento to San Diego and various cities in-between.


Click on the Above Photo to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears Real Bounty Hunter Street Training for

Bailspeak Alumni.

Body Armor is often characterized as “bullet proof” by Hollywood and the public-at-large, but a more accurate description is “bullet resistant” and whether or not a particular rated type of Kevlar with or without specific type of ceramic plates will defeat this round or that.


Let us keep things simple as is, well, bulleted in the photo in terms of the very basic understandings of body armor for bounty hunters.


More information on body armor for bounty hunters may be a very specific block of instruction at any of Bailspeak’s California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Classes with respect to students who have questions and will get answers accordingly.


Stay Safe and Watch Your Sixes ~ Rex

Instructor Facts in Evidence

  • Bounty Hunting 25Years Plus
  • Bail Bondsman 19 Years Plus
  • Bail Motions Won 19 Years Plus
  • Bail Instructor 23 Years Plus
  • Deemed Expert Bail Witness

This Sacramento - Roseville, California Fugitive Recovery Training Class is instructed by a long-time California Licensed Bail Agent.


Ask if the instructors teaching bail education classes are or ever have been licensed bail agents.

No person may cause the reasonable person to believe that he or she is a licensed bail agent when such is not the case.

Insurance Code 1800(b)


“For purposes of this section, "solicit" shall include any written or printed presentation or advertising made by mail or other publication, or any oral presentation or advertising by means of telephone, radio, or television which implies that an individual is licensed under this chapter, and any activity in arranging for bail which results in remuneration to the individual conducting that activity.”


Insurance Code 1800.75


“No person shall advertise or hold himself out as engaging in the business of executing, delivering, or furnishing bail bonds or undertakings of bail whether or not for consideration without holding at the time thereof all proper licenses required by this chapter.”


Insurance Code §1814


“The violation of any foregoing provision of this chapter, or of any rule of the commissioner made pursuant thereto, is a public offense, punishable by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by imprisonment in the state prison, or in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment.”

Roseville Sacramento Bail Education Training SchoolsSacramento Roseville Bail Education Classes

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“I closed three bounty hunting cases this month after showing my client procedural technicalities that she didn’t know about.  I didn’t need a gun or body armor to get paid!  Thank you, Bailspeak!”


- Bounty Hunter, Feb 2014

Real Student Quotes Concerning Public and Private Bail Agent Pre Licensing Classes by Sacramento Roseville's Most Transparent and Most Trusted Bail Education School in the Sacramento and Surrounding Areas.

“Information and experience is gold from instructor.  Instructor taught and followed up with personal experiences and examples.  Instructor well spoken, great vocabulary, has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I wish we had more time to learn.  And, he was funny!”

“Rex is an amazing teacher.  Guy knows his stuff!  Every side note and story Rex had, had me at the edge of my seat.  VERY EDUCATIONAL!  Rex is a Bad Ass!”

“I have not lost a single motion since I took [Bailspeak’s Bail Motion class], and I am also winning motions to extend time, because of [Rex’s class], when others there [in Court] are not getting [granted bail motions] theirs.  I tell everyone if they want to win motions then take Rex’s [California Department of Insurance Approved Bail CE for six hours] class.”


-Veteran Bail Bond Company Owner & Private CE Client, July 19, 2013

“Section codes, bounty hunting guidelines motions of the court procedures.  Very helpful and knowledgeable .  Seems like a very proven successful person in this career field.”

“Now I know why people call Rex the ‘Bail Whisperer’ after he helped me underwrite and get a $400,000.00 bail bond approved by my surety that seemed hopeless at first.  Full premium, collateral, and it exonerated!  Tell Rex he can’t do something and watch it get done.  Thank you Bailspeak, and thank you for having licensed bail agents on staff who can help people new to bail negotiate bail bonds.”


~ Telephone caller rendering an opinion on Bailspeak’s Post Alumni Assistance Program

“Very great seminar.  Great speaker, very informative, and creative teaching!  It’s well appreciated!”

“I wish it were longer!  The examples are great and the material was very interesting.  The pace also made the course fun.”

“I liked EVERYTHING! I myself have a lot of respect for the knowledge he has to share.”

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