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Bailspeak is The Most Trusted Name in Bail Enforcement Training

for Bounty Hunters - According to its Alumni!


"You will not find Fugitive Recovery Bail Education like this anywhere else in the Southern California or the Country."


Bailspeak is the Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in San Diego Bail Education, according to its hundreds of Alumni who have participated in the following department of insurance Approved bail classes for bondsmen and bounty hunters.

·         20 hour bail prelicensing

·         6 hour lawful bounty hunting continuing education

·         6 hour Tactical TASER Awareness classes for bail recovery persons

·         6 hour bail bond motion studies


Bailspeak also offers Classes and Practical Training in:


·         Bounty Hunter Street Training

·         Online Bounty Hunter Training

·         Video Productions

·         Marketing for Bail Bonds Companies

·         Marketing for Bounty Hunters

Bailspeak's Offerings do not stop here. You can also read books by Bailspeak's Primary Instructor who is also a published Author, Rex Venator.


·         "Allied Bail Agencies: Masterless"

·         "Desktop Bounty Hunter"

·         "Modern Bounty Hunting: A Real-Life Guide for the Fugitive Recovery Agent."


It really doesn’t matter how you investigate and close a bail jumper investigation, so long as you go home safely to get paid safely and all while acting within the confines of applicable laws to fugitive recovery as a bail enforcement agent for bail bond company owners or sureties.


It is critical, to compete in today’s bounty hunting market place, to have skillsets and tools that your competitors either don’t have or are unwilling to secure, and that you yourself take the initiative to innovate and grow your small business.


Whether you roll up to a courthouse as a licensed bail agent in a business suit for a bail bond motion or on a Harley Davidson classic with pistols and a Taser ECD it all really doesn’t matter, so long as you go home to get paid after operating legally.


Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with over 2,500 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California’s largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.


Bailspeak is instructed by bail bond company owners and active bounty hunters who have a proven track record of not just running profitable companies in the fields of bail bonds and bounty hunting, but Bailspeak Cadre also have a record of Alumni from Bailspeak who have also taken what they’ve learned and applied those lessons to themselves run profitable bail related companies.

“Great detailed seminar with key points to be successful in this department.  Very helpful and a lot of valuable information.  The way this course is designed is great.  I can’t think of absolutely anything I didn’t like.  It won’t be the last time I attend Bailspeak, I’ll take continuing ed!”


“Very complete and detailed, very good, professional.”


“Very informative.  The energy from Rex keeps the course moving.”


“Really very well done.”


“The instructor.  Great job.”


“Very informative, easy to follow, very instructional.  Best instructor I’ve had with any course of study.”


“Emphasis on codes, specifically the numbers.  Perfectly paced.  I was able to understand the codes in a simple, clear way.  Everything was excellent.  Instructor created a very exciting learning atmosphere through his life experiences and I was able to learn from his stories.”

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20 Hour Bail Agent Prelicensing is now a Mandatory Certification to Become a Bail Agent or Lawfully Bounty Hunt in California. This California Department of Insurance Approved Course Exceeds Bail Education Requirements and Continuosly Resets Industry Standards to Become a Bail Bondsman or Bounty Hunter and with Bail Certification Instruction by licensed Bail Agents and is led by a Veteran Bail Bonds Business Owner with over Two Decades of Running Profitable Bail Companies Covering all Aspects of the Bail Bonds Business such as Bail Bond Motions, Sales, Marketing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Small Business Operations, Human Resources and etceteras.

Bailspeak is insurmountable in leading the way insofar that it is the only San Diego Bail Prelicensing, DOI Approved Bail Agent Training School that cannot be replicated in terms of its originality, evolving course methods, and—above all else—its complete and total transparency as evidenced by the photos, videos, and verifiable Alumni testimonials that you will find on this and its sister websites in support of its absolute, unparalleled and stellar bail industry reputation—bar none!

Every new bounty hunter should effort to improve his or her position in the bail bonds industry with an emphasis on improving one's earning potential and while learning how to run a small bail bonds related business. Bounty hunting is a great way to learn bail bonds from the inside out, and, during these tough economic times, it stands to reason that one should endeavor to learn how to bring in the most cash in the shortest amount of time and with minimal investment. This school is run by successful business owners who continue to help those who are daring and willing to look ahead and dream of bigger things.


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By Veteran Bail Bond Company owners


It is undeniably prudent that any person seeking fugitive recovery training in San Diego or California find a bail education school with instructors who have an actual, verifiable, and long time history of running profitable bounty hunting and bail bond businesses.


Rex Venator has been a bounty hunter for over 22 years, a bail bond company owner for over 17 years, a fugitive recovery street and seminar training instructor for over 20 years, and numerous Bailspeak Alumni have gone on to earn a living in the bail bonds industry.


Stay Safe and Watch Your Six

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Success is entirely a personal pursuit.


It is quite a thing when people think to take the time to draft and send me an email detailing the variety of nuances and emotions in relation to posting their first bail bond as a licensed bail agent and new bail bond company; I really appreciate reading the after class stories of Bailspeak Alumni.


Some years ago, a very rough man telephoned into the Office and could not help but become a bit emotional over collecting nearly $4,000.00 cash on his very first bail bond posting for his own company.  His point was that such a sudden infusion of cash, while always chanceful in the bigger picture of taking calculated risks, stunned his wife and was more than the couple had ever brought into the family within a month’s time.


More recently, people have been kind enough to let me know about passing the bail exam, working full speed ahead for their bail bond employers, advancing within bail organizations, and there are even bounty hunters who have taken action to get their bail agent licenses and are closing bail fugitive cases with a mouse and keyboard before putting a team together to physically go door to door for days, weeks or even months—the commission is the same for the results are the same.


One Bailspeak Alumnus reports this morning that while he originally took the bail pre licensing class to explore “getting into bail” and ultimately getting licensed, his primary focus has very quickly become accruing surety appointments in the furtherance of increasing his income by bounty hunting by bail motion!


This is all astounding to me though not a surprise.  The simple and pure fact is that the margin between success and failure is both difficult to see and yet easy to feel and with those who do succeed driving on, sometimes in the dark, but they all seem to always be moving forward irrespective of naysayers, obstacles and who are commonly fearless in the face of good ole fashioned hard work.


Thanks to all who have kept me in their personal loops, for ultimately realizing the success of others is why I do what I do at Bailspeak.


Start Your Bounty Hunting Business

Start Your Bail Business!


San Diego Bail Pre Licensing classes by Bailspeak originally arose by a growing number of callers requesting California Department of Insurance Approved pre-licensing courses in the San Diego area, and, since those early calls, Bailspeak has responded with the photographed Bailspeak Alumni from this past weekend showing an exceptional response to Bailspeak’s immersion bail course that strongly emphasizes morals, ethics, long-term business success, hyper-technical bail problem solving based on forward thinking liability avoidance and all of which continues to be fined tuned in the furtherance of maintaining the extraordinary first time pass rate of the bail exam by Bailspeak alumni.