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“Very comprehensive & informative, time spent on real life situations & circumstances.  Overall, this is the best CE class that I’ve taken in my career.”


“I appreciate the current events, applications & relatable stories as examples.  Instructor made sure my answers came from knowledge and not just a good guess.  Instruction was fast moving but extremely detailed.”


“[The class was] Very thorough.  I really enjoyed the character and personality of the Instructor.  Definitely got me excited about the industry.  His [the instructor’s] passion is contagious.”


“This course was very difficult to comprehend but with extensive/numerous relatable examples of real life experiences shared by the instructor I was able to understand the material presented.  There was nothing that I didn’t like.”


“[The class was] very informative.  The instructor was excellent.”


“[The instructor was] very knowledgeable and well versed in the subjects presented.  [The instructor was] very engaging and interactive with lots of anecdotes and real-life experiences.”


“[I liked] The stories that were used as examples to explain the topics.”


“I have already recommended several individuals to take this class/training.  [I like that the class was] very specific & accurate information [is provided].  I want to know what he [Rex] knows!”


“[I liked] how everything was put into stories and that I learned new laws and the different kinds of cases.  Very good teacher.  Thank you!”


“I will recommend this seminar to others!  I really liked the level of engagement Rex had with the entire class.  I enjoyed the instruction and understood the instruction as given.  I would like to say thank you for the excellent instruction.”


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Since 2007


Nearly 4,500 Certified Alumni with many now working as clerical staff, court runners, office managers, independent bounty hunters, salaried bounty hunters, in-house investigators, bounty hunting team leaders, posting bail agents, bail agents, bail bond company owners, multi-million dollar annual liability bail corporation officers, policy makers, educators, run off specialists, bail motion experts, and so on and so forth.


Bounty Hunting Schools in California


Bounty Hunter Street Training Since 1994

The requirements to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter in California, while seemingly direct pursuant to California Penal Codes Sections beginning with 1299 and including Insurance Code and Title 10 Code of Regulations, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one’s more precise queries should fall within the realm of questions more on point to lawful bounty hunting with an emphasis on staying out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.

Every Bailspeak Bail Bond and Bounty Hunter Pre-Licensing Certification and Continuing Bail Education Class includes 22 hours of intense instruction on the lawful transaction of bail, lawful bounty hunting, and advanced bail law and motion bounty hunting that is all complete with rigorous testing in all subject matters to reinforce retention of vital educational objectives.


Constant real world exposure to the aforementioned disciplines continuously enables Bailspeak instructors to put forth the most timely, relevant, and useful information that only licensed bail agents, PC 1299 Compliant Bounty Hunters, and bail agency owners with cutting-edge experience in today’s California Superior Courts can offer and all of which makes this course unlike any other, according to Alumni with various backgrounds including decades in the bail industries in California and throughout these United States where there is commercial bail.


Indeed, Bailspeak is the most trusted, transparent, fastest growing, and absolute State-of-the-Art bail education school in California with an outstanding reputation according to its nearly 4,000 Alumni; moreover, Bailspeak’s instructors are, by and large, alone as described in paragraph two above.


Leading California Bail Industry experts, surety executives, and a growing number of government officials from numerous California counties are actively seeking out Bailspeak’s instructors for professional consultations regarding bounty hunting, the transaction of bail, and bail bond law and motion.


This specific California bail school has been training bounty hunters and bail bond professionals since early 1994 Bounty Hunter Street Training days and with nearly ten years as a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider—the principles involved have been Liability Free for nearly a quarter of a century.


BOUNTY HUNTING SCHOOLS IN CALIFORNIA – What can a person expect working as a bounty hunter in California cities and counties such as Sacramento, Stockton, Modesto, San Jose, Bakersfield, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County as an example?


Firstly it is a legal requirement to meet the training certifications prescribed by law to legally bounty hunt in California with very limited and curious exceptions; moreover there are certain Life Safety pieces of equipment that should be readily available to a bounty hunter before bounty hunting, id est, body armor, handcuffs, a retention holster, flashlight, and many etceteras.


Secondly, California law requires very specific documentation acquisitions before attempting any bail bond arrest, or any such arrest may be subjected to criminal investigations by California law enforcement personnel.


Thirdly, it is hyper-critical to perform due diligence to AVOID potential felony charges because one’s knowledge of laws, certifications, and arrest documentation have all gone stale, or because one chooses to rely on another who is ignorant of how to lawfully bounty hunt in California.


Lastly for now, pre-investigation skills are absolutely necessary because no two bail jumper investigations are the same—each bail skip investigation is wholly unique.


So, what can one expect while bounty hunting lawfully in California?  The below raw video was shot by a documentary film crew for a show that aired in French speaking countries, and it has been condensed into a few minutes to serve as an example in support of my personal opinions above ~ Thank You for Your Time, Rex, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor and California Superior Court Expert Court Witness re bail and bounty hunting as an Independent Contractor.



Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


How could a lowly bounty hunter possibly see bail law and motion solutions concerning terminally forfeited bail bonds that top tier bail agency owners and “bail attorneys” do not?


In a series of past and recent events spanning over 18 years, first year and 30 year bail bond company owners have asked me how I solved the puzzles to vexing bail forfeitures that other bounty hunters and “bail attorneys” either could not or did not solve or simply chose not to even try to solve at all.


Frankly speaking, I was an abused bounty hunter in the early 90s.  I was scammed, ripped off, cheated, taken advantage of, and I very quickly learned how to reverse a money losing trend into a money making strategy to study the forfeiture equations, do the bail calculus on each case very carefully, design actionable plans, and execute bail recovery operations ready to respond to changes in conditions and not merely react to changing conditions.


A lawyer who has never spent weeks or months in pursuit of wanted felony bail bond fugitives has no common frame of reference to bail professionals; a lawyer who has never gone through a door into a felony hazard situation is missing a vital type of experience common to bounty hunting professionals; however, bail and bounty hunting professionals do in their own ways participate in bail law and motion matters in California Superior Courts to the extent that they have been and have done what lawyers have done on bail forfeiture matters.  Stated differently, bail professionals have more experience with bail forfeitures than do lawyers in most cases.


Simply put, I see bail bond forfeitures through the lenses of a bounty hunter; I see solutions through the lenses of a veteran bail agency owner; therefore, I can see what lawyers cannot.


So, earlier today, I was asked, just like so many times in the past, “How do you come up with this stuff?”


“I don’t know,” I automatically default in reply because I really don’t know.  What I do know is that I would never know if I didn’t try.


In closing, I am a humble bounty hunter with many, many lessons in humility in my past—that’s all.


The inescapable truth is that if I can do it with simple sticktoitiveness then so can others who are also willing to try what the timorous are not willing to try, in my personal opinion.


Thank you ~ Rex.

“It explains a lot about the bail business and bounty hunting in an easy to understand way with the examples given.  A lot of information in short amount of time, wished I could have time to process before moving on.  I like the course a lot though.  Fun class!  Enjoyed listening to Rex.  I came in not knowing what to expect and I want to listen to more of his experiences.”


“Is very intense and full of information very well explained, but I did not catch 100% but I will.  A bit too fast for me to understand.  Totally new to this field.  Overall the class is excellent!”


“I liked the pace and the flow of the information given.  Everything taught had a reason and point to be made.  Rex was awesome and made the class interesting and easy to get and digest the information.”


“[I liked] the speaker’s enthusiasm, stories & shared experiences!  Certain topics are difficult & complicated.”


“Instructor explained the material in a colorful way in order for people to understand the information.  I wish it was a longer class.”


“Keep up the good work!  The way Rex made me think at associations to help me memorize things!  Couldn’t imagine a better course!”


“[I liked the instructor’s] knowledge.  Great class!”


“[I liked] everything!  Great examples and useful information; hand outs are broken down to be understood.”


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More Real Quotes from Real Students Now Alumni

“[I liked] everything!  Great examples and useful information; hand outs are broken down to be understood.”


“[I liked] the stories to associate what is learned and the unique way of teachings.  Helps retain a lot.”


“[I liked] the real scenarios and discussion shifting from materials to discussion was great.  Very pleased.”


“I liked that the laws were brought up – it brings light on the real side of the bail business I did not know about.  Some of the codes are difficult to remember but that’s on me, not the course.  Thanks for everything!  The class was beneficial and entertaining.”


“Very informative and interesting.  Rex is an awesome instructor and really back up what he was teaching with stories and examples.”


“[The course] covers a lot of important information.”


“A lot of good information.  [I liked] that the class covered all the new bounty hunting laws.  [The instructor] was good and knowledgeable.”


“Rex was well spoken!  I learned more than I anticipated.”


“[I liked] that it was thorough and was well explained.  I would like more time to cover everything that has to be covered.”


“[I liked] the schedule and the interaction with the students.”


“Would like it to be more entry level friendly.  [The course] had a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of.”